Magnat Cinema Ultra THX 5.1 Speaker Set


A 5.1 Home cinema system by Magnat. Consisting of a pair of RD 200-THX, 3 units of LCR 100-THX Speakers, and a Sub 300-THX. This is as compact, flexible and powerful in sound as THX Ultra2 gets



18 hertz and no end of acoustic pressure Certified by THX®

The Cinema Ultra Sub 300-THX subwoofer also amazed the THX engineers: It is the smallest woofer so far to have been awarded THX Ultra2™ certification. Here, too, the basis for the record is the very latest technology. The 32 cm high-performance driver is optimized for a large stroke and minimal distortions. For power right from the bottom – the Cinema Ultra Sub 300-THX goes all the way down to 18 Hertz! – the

subwoofer is supported by two passive radiators of the same size and appearance. Together with the newly developed 550 watt Class D power amp, they are located in a compact, extremely sturdy enclosure where the baffle alone, made of 45 mm thick MDF, effectively suppresses a lot of vibrations



SFT 05/2016


Video 04/2016 (5.1.2)



SFT 05/2016


04/2016 (5.1.2 SET)

Video 04/2016 (5.1.2)

Magnat Cinema Ultra LCR 100-THX Speaker

Horizontal or Vertica: The best thx front loudspeaker of its class

  • Perfection for home cinema enthusiasts thanks to THX Ultra 2 certificationq
  • The only front speaker in the world with THX Ultra 2 certification for both horizontal and vertical operation
  • Extremely large 42 mm high-performance dome tweeter with a wave guide front panel for ideal dispersion characteristics
  • Two exceptionally powerful 17 cm woofers for maximum dynamics, precision and performance
  • Extremely sturdy MDF cabinet with low-resonance 30 mm baffle

Horizontal or vertical: The best THX front loudspeaker of its class

Never before in the history of THX®: Despite the strict requirements regarding dispersion characteristics, the LCR 100-THX was granted the coveted THX Ultra2™ certification for both horizontal and upright operation. Two 17 cm subwoofers as well as the large tweeter cone ensure distortion-free levels up to beyond 110 decibels as well as outstanding purity of sound. The 42 mm tweeter cone runs in an optimally linear way from 1,500 – 27,500 hertz thanks to the installed horn (Waveguide) and sound distribution lens.

This helps the LCR 100-THX to achieve a level of efficiency far in excess of 90 decibels. In other words: Even smaller AV receivers make it possible to experience a great cinema feeling with Cinema Ultra. The enclosure of the LCR 100-THX is flat and is perfectly suitable for unobtrusive wall mounting via wall brackets and VESA fittings.


Magnat Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX Speaker


  • Outstanding surround sound in cinema quality thanks to the dipole design
  • Outstanding surround sound in cinema quality thanks to the dipole design
  • Two high-performance 42 mm dome tweeters in dipole configuration for authentic surround sound
  • Extremely powerful 17 cm woofer for punchy, dynamic surround sound reproduction
  • Flat trapezoid cabinet for practical wall mounting

High power performance with great spatial representation

One of the 42 mm tweeter cones is located on each sloping side at the centre of the powerful 17 cm subwoofers: The Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX follows the ideal structure of classic dipole speakers. The two tweeters are – as stipulated by THX® – connected together with reversed polarity to produce a diffuse, very three-dimensional soundscape. Because our cone operates in an extremely wide band, the Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX creates this desired diffuse sound field from as low as 1500 hertz. Despite its small size and 

 moderate overall depth of just 16 centimetres, the effect speaker is capable of impressive sound levels – an important factor for the best cinema sound. And optimum installation is also child´s play thanks to the large number of wall-mounting options, including VESA brackets.

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5.1 Surround

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