WyreStorm is a company focused on the development and manufacture of HD distribution products at the forefront of digital technology. Thanks to a brilliant research and development team, Wyrestorm have become leading specialists in the HD distribution industry, designing and developing innovative solutions to suit the ever growing number of residential and commercial applications

The Wyrestorm product range is wide and encompasses HD splitters, extenders, upscalers and matrices, working on HD distribution over HDMI, coax, Cat5e/6/7 and fibre optic.

MX-1616-HDBT Full HD Matrix Switch
MX-1616-HDBT Full HD Matrix Switch

WyreStorm HDBaseT Matrix Solutions

WyreStorm’s ‘flagship’ range of Matrix switchers utilise the latest in HDBaseT ‘One-Cable’ technology and enables unprecedented flexibility for both residential and commercial applications. 
Technology that delivers HD audio and video, IR and RS232 control, plus high speed internet access all on a single Cat5e/6/7 cable, eliminating the need for additional control and video cables on installations.

What is HDBaseT?

HDBaseT – Supported by the HDBaseT Alliance, is a consumer electronic connectivity technology for long distance transmission of uncompressed high definition video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, control via IR and RS232 and eventually power, all via 100m Cat5e/6/7 cable and RJ45 connectors.

T he HDBaseT Alliance was Incorporated June 14th 2010 by founder members Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony Pictures and development company Valens. WyreStorm Technology were one of the first Alliance Members to sign up and develop products.

8 / 8 Output Full HD Matrix Switch
8 / 8 Output Full HD Matrix Switch
HDBaseT Single Cat5e/6/7 Display Receiver
HDBaseT Single Cat5e/6/7 Display Receiver
In-wall HDBaseT Single Cat5e/6/7 Display Receiver
In-wall HDBaseT Single Cat5e/6/7 Display Receiver

WyreStorm Pro Matrix Switchers

The Pro Matrix range provides distribution of uncompressed Full HD video and non-HD AV source equipment over long distances usingCat5e/6/7 cabling. With refined switching and handling of HDCP and EDID, multiple devices can be independently switched and controlled in multiple locations. Discreet infrared control, RS232 and LAN connections can be made for third party control from the market leading control systems. Ideal for both residential and commercial projects alike, each Pro Matrix also features simultaneous HDMI outputs for potential system expansion, or integration into alternative extender sets such as the coax and fibre options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cat 5e or 6?
WyreStorm equipment is tested and graded to Cat 5e cable standard; tests have shown that better results are achieved when using Cat6 cable. The lower gauge, thicker copper cores ensure better signal transfer.

Can I use a single Cat 5e cable?
Although conventional transmission is considered to be two Cat 5e cables, it is possible to send the signal down a single cable if necessary. All WyreStorm pro-matrix switches and UTP splitters support single UTP mode, however in this mode IR control of sources and matrix switching is not possible. However using HDBaseT transmission; all of the twin cable features are supported with the added benefit of Ethernet and RS232 control.

How far can the signal travel? 
Under perfect transmission conditions WyreStorm HD receivers will operate at 30, 50 or 100m (@1080p) depending on the model used. Perfect conditions mean no electrical interference, straight cable runs with no bends or kinks and no patch panels or wall outlets. If some of the above are factors in your installation then signal strength and bandwidth can be compromised. If a cable run is reaching the upper limit of the receivers’ capabilities, then the signal can be boosted by way of an extender set (Rx-TX) or by simply using an in-line repeater. WyreStorm transmission signals can be repeated up to 5 times (250m) using a conventional TMDS signal or 7 times (700m) using HDBaseT technology.

What about 3D? 
All of WyreStorm matrix switches and most of WyreStorm extender products will pass-through a 3D Blu-ray signal. The 30m and Coax extender sets do not support frame sequential 3D (Blu-ray), but will still pass-through interlaced stereo-scopic 3D (Satellite etc.)

How do I control the sources? 
Most of WyreStorm HDMI distribution products support some kind of IR pass-through from point-to-point extender sets to pro and HDBaseT matrices. Most of the range now supports wideband IR meaning it is compatible with any IR device available on the market. WyreStorm Pro and HDBaseT matrix range (Cat 5e) has IR pass-through from each of the outputs and has discrete IR outputs at the switch end, meaning you can have multiple identical sources yet the IR would be routed only to the applicable source.

Do I need power at the TV end? 
Yes. WyreStorm HD display adaptors require a 5v power supply at the TV end to operate. It’s important that these are powered locally and do not receive remote power from the rack as there can be issues resulting from voltage drop along the length of cable. WyreStorm new USB power cables overcome the problem of having a second mains outlet behind the TV. These useful leads draw the 5v from the USB socket on the TV to power the receiver, this also means that the receiver is only powered when the TV is on making the system more environmentally friendly.

Why do I need to use 2 cables? 
Using WyreStorm conventional pro (TMDS) transmission method the Video & Audio is sent along cable #2, IR and HDCP data is sent along cable #1. Using WyreStorm HDBaseT technology it’s possible to send Audio (up to DTS Master), Video (up to 4k), Ethernet (10/100), and control (RS232 & 2-way IR) down a single Cat 5e cable.

Is your equipment compatible with HDMI 1.4?
HDMI 1.4 refers to a list of “features” that a device is capable of supporting. These features include Ethernet channel, return audio channel, 3D etc. HDMI distribution equipment has no need to be fully 1.4 compliant but instead supports all of the relevant features such as 3D etc.

What happens about screens with different resolution capabilities? 
When sending a signal point to point a TV will communicate it’s capabilities to the source, then the source will output a suitable signal that compatible (i.e. 1080p Stereo audio). If you were to use a matrix switch with three 1080p screens and one 1080i screen, the resultant image would be 1080i across all screens. The matrix switches do not scale per output but instead negotiate with the source a signal that all screens are capable of supporting.

How does the Matrix cope with HDCP? 
HDCP (High Definition Copyright Protection) is a feature built in to HDMI devices to prevent theft of or illegal distribution of HD content. Unlike competing products, WyreStorm matrix switches are legal and comply with HDCP regulations. They do this by assigning a “key” to every display connected to the switch. HDCP “keys” are assigned to a display when connected to a HDMI device normally. This doesn’t change when connected to a switch; it just assigns more of them.

What if i can get 1080i but not 1080p at a TV location?
Firstly ensure that both the source is outputting 1080p and that the TV is Full HD 1080p screen. If this is the case then the receiver Cat 5e or Coax may need setting up for long cable mode using the DIP switches. This useful feature uses an alternative Equalisation method to re-sync the signal over longer distances.

I cannot get a signal out from my A/V receiver along a Cat 5e extender set, what should I do? 
Check to ensure that the A/V Receiver isn’t adding CEC (HDMI Control Protocol) to the outgoing signal, this can sometimes have an effect on the HDMI signal.