Soundproofing or Acoustic Treatment. What is the difference?

What Is Soundproofing?

The purpose of soundproofing is to block or minimize the level of sounds, both those traveling in and outside of the room. So, the main idea is to have the sound focused – do not let the desired one get out, and, at the same time, do not let the unwanted ones come in!

This can be done either by blocking or sealing. When we say blocking, that means using heavy and dense building materials to adjust your room. Sealing refers to all those tiny gaps, particularly in windows and doors.

So, if you want us to be even more precise, perhaps we should say “isolation” rather than using the term “soundproof“. You should isolate the desired sound and keep it that way, without having any other interfering with it.  Please follow the link below so we can explain how soundproofing can be done in a few ways.

What Is Acoustic Treatment?

Quite opposite from the previously mentioned, where the main idea is to block the sound, the purpose of acoustic treatment is to control the sound. This particularly refers to indirect sounds, such as echoes, vibrations and similar.

So, it’s about controlling the sound that’s exclusively inside the room. As for a musician’s perspective, the idea is to record a clear sound without any of the unwanted ones. Furthermore, the idea is to provide the same quality of the sound intended by the artist to the listeners.

Now that you know the main differences between these two, you wonder how that looks in reality. Different methods are used for soundproofing and acoustic treatment. Some of them are a bit more complicated, the others are more than simple. But the main goal is to maintain the high-quality sound!

The Doneo Acoustics Department is a branch of the Doneo Projects Division.

We offer:

1 – Accoustic Consultancy in:

  • Sound Isolation – (Soundproofing and Vibration control)
  • Sound Absorption – (Acoustic Treatment and Room Correction)


2 – Turnkey solution in relation to above including installation and project management