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Multiroom Technology - Doneo Malta

Imagine all of your home’s audio-visual needs are controlled by one central system. Your entire music collection is digitally stored on a central hard drive music server… and this system is neatly tucked away where nobody can see it... no wires or clutter to be seen.As well as the main system being hidden away, speakers are also built into the walls or ceiling… meaning you enjoy more benefits of modern technology… but see less.
Now imagine that this system is controlled by a stylish and unobtrusive wall keypad, or touch screen remote control, that’s really easy to use… and that any number of rooms around the house can be equipped with these controls.Dad can listen to his classical music in the garden… Mum can listen to the radio in the lounge… their son can listen to rock music in his room… and their daughter can watch MTV in her’s… all at the same time from the same system… and that’s why, at Doneo, we say that ‘MultiRoom’ means family bliss!


Nowhere limits - MultiRoom systems can supply audio-visual entertainment to:

  • The exteriors of your home (in the garden or on the roof for example)… ideal for entertaining guests or hosting parties.
  • Bathrooms and other wet environments. Doneo Co. Ltd offer Aquavision TVs, especially made for use in such places (see image below).

Re-Discover Your Collection and Save Money…

With your music library so easy to access, you will actually re-discover your collection. All those forgotten gems gathering dust will be accessible at last, at the touch of a button… from anywhere around the house. You can create your own play lists and sort your music by artist, genre, albums or tracks. You are in complete control.

But that’s not all. If you want, your system can actually be ‘intelligent’ and ‘learn’ what you like to play! Each person in the household can have his or her own username, so that the system learns each user’s musical taste. If, for instance, Dad likes to listen to mellow jazz, the system learns this habit and, in future, whenever Dad selects “music”… the system will automatically start and play mellow jazz!

One satellite or cable decoder can be used to supply as many TV’s in as many rooms around the house as you like… meaning you save money on monthly multiple subscription fees. At Doneo, our qualified custom installers and engineers work with top designers and architects, as required, to create systems that suit each of our client’s specific needs for the present… while keeping the possibility open to easily upgrade in the future, whatever you add to the central system in future will be available in all the connected rooms.

MultiRoom can even be used for controlling other elements around the house, like lighting… but then, if this idea is of interest to you… you may want to visit our home automation and lighting sections… or contact us for further information