Elite Screens M94NWX
94"(16:10) 126.5cm height, 202.4cm width MaxWhite Black Manual Screen

Price: €181,00 (Lm77,70)

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Elite Screens M94NWX  White Manual Screen


  • Dual wall and ceiling installation design
  • Auto-locking system provides variable height settings
  • Standard 4-side black masking borders
  • MaxWhite screen material is durable and easy to clean
  • 160° wide viewing angle for commercial presentations or residential home cinema
  • Screen lanyard for easy operation included - allows screen's pull down handle to be reached from high areas
  • Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction


Diagonal Size/Aspect Ratio 94"(16:10)
Case Length (A) 2192mm
Screen Width(A1) 2101mm
View Width(A2) 2025mm
Weight Bar Length(A3) 2188mm
Bottom Edge Distance(B4) 62mm
Screen Material To Weight Bar Height(B3) 1441mm
View Height(B1) 1265mm
Overall Height(B) 1523mm
End Cap Height(B5) 82mm
End Cap Width(C) 69mm
Distance From Screen Material To The Wall (C1) 20mm










Elite Manual Screen Closed Elite Manual Screens lanyard
Elite Manual Screen Left Close Up Elite Manual Screen right close up


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Price: €181,00 (Lm77,70)

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