Shock-mounted Wall Soundproofing Structures
Floating frame soundproof wall-add-on structures with spring-mounted outer face. Noise is controlled through micro-vibration of the outer surface which converts sound energy into kinetic energy and heat. Noise barrier can be adjusted according to the level of sound which is required to be controlled.

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Shock-mounted Wall Soundproofing Structures - Doneo Malta

Soundproofing of a given wall with inadequate sound barrier rating can be attained in two ways:

  • 1 - Adding sheer mass to the existing structure by correctly building another wall in front of the first with a suitably calculated air-gap, which can (in the best case scenario) never be smaller than 50mm for technical reasons. This is not always possible on floors above the ground floor due to architectural issues and also demands availability of appreciable (lost) space as regards length and width of the room, which is usually in the region of about 21.5 cm of extra forward protrusion per wall.
  • 2 - Assembly of a shock-mounted soundproofing structure where the frame is “floating” on shock-mounts (not in contact with the wall, floor or ceiling), and allows the outer further spring-loaded visible surface to vibrate and absorb sound by converting audible energy into kinetic energy (motion) and heat. This requires less than half the sacrificeable wall protrusion dictated by the first method.

In certain cases requiring high performance (pertaining mostly to loud music), both of these treatments may be required at the same time, and hence the need to plan these particular spaces to be situated at the bottom-most level of the building in question.

Soundproofing wall-structure with floating wooden frame and spring-mounted surface boards.

Our soundproofing wall structures can be assembled to attain a maximum STI of 60 dB.

By taking on-site room and noise measurements and running a computer simulation, we can propose a suitable soundproof partition structure required for the particular walls and also tune the spacing between spring-mounts to complement performance in terms of acoustic response of the room. 

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Shock-mounted wooden frame with front spring mounts


Shock-Mounted Frame

Shock-Mounted metal frame 



Floor Shocks for Metal Frame


Weighted Elastometer Barrier Layers


Finished surface with acoustic seal


Option – Thermo-Acoustic Plaster for Brick Walls


Thermo-Acoustic Plaster applied directly to brick wall prior to assembly of soundproofing structure, for added Sound and Thermal insulation of the barrier.

Specific Weight: 550 kg/m³ (Determined in free fall)

Water in Mix: 60% (12 lt. for 20 kg bag)

Recommended Application Thickness: 2 cm

Mechanical Resistance to Flexion: 0.8 N/mm²

Mechanical Resistance to Compression: 1.6 N/mm²

Sound Insulation: 6 dB






Option – Composite Elastometric Sound & Thermal Barriers add-on









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Weighted Elastometer Barriers

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