Suspended Floor – EP6 Complex

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Suspended Floor – EP6 Complex Direct-mount twin-shock suspended floor Ln, w = 59 dB.



EP6 Rubber Block Suspended Floor

Suspended floor consisting of boards mounted directly on high performance twin rubber shocks. The shocks provide high-impact support to the frame and isolate and de-couple the floor from surrounding concrete and wall structures, greatly improving transmission loss and low frequency definition.

The false floor within and overlying the frame consists of a number of materials and boards stacked in sequence in order to provide further shock-absorbtion

Tiles, Laminate floors, Vinyl floors, Parquet or carpeting may be fitted over the top floorboard.

Floor transmission loss: Depending on size of room, with better performance than rubber cradles. This floor has a better impact resistance all round.

Applications: Medium- and high-impact suspended floor for drum kits, dance floors, dance studios, martial arts centres and night clubs.

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