Soundproof Ceilings – Mineral/glass-fibre Tile

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Thick mineral/glass-fibre standard suspended frame ceiling tiles designed primarily for sound isolation with ratings up to 44 dB Rw. In-built Class B sound absorbtion. White colour only.



Rockfon Ekla dB

Rockfon Ekla is a smooth, white, mineral fibre soffit ceiling tile designed specifically for soundproofing. It is ideal for greatly reducing footstep noise coming from overlying floors, and for reduction of flanking noise through ceilings, in situations where it is too late or problematic to re-assemble partitions.

Flanking noise is the effect of sound finding a way around a sound barrier through cracks, spaces, poorly treated or untreated areas.

Example of flanking noise through a soffit ceiling

Many commercial establishments complain of excessive noise leaking through partitions between rooms. In many cases among others, partitions which are either poorly finished and sealed above the soffit ceiling height, or, even worse, not taken to the height of the concrete ceiling above the soffit ceiling tiles, encourage sound in one room to find its way through the soffit ceiling, cross into the next room, and find it’s way through the soffit ceiling there, where it can be heard.

Rockfon Ekla is designed to act as an efficient sound barrier between soffit and concrete ceilings by providing acoustic isolation in excess of 39 dB, thus guaranteeing privacy between adjacent rooms. In addition, it has good acoustic absorption properties which help tone down reflection of sound within a given room. Shock-mounting the soffit ceiling perimiter frame to the walls, in conjuntion with the use of Ekla dB, not only provides and efficient sound barrier to airborne noise, but also to moderate levels of impact noise, by reducing vibrations transmitted to the soffit ceiling frame.

Ekla dB is available in various formats for a large selection of ceiling frames. It comprises an enviroment-concious design, and is both indoor-climate friendly and recyclable. It is also easy to clean.

Material: Highly compressed mineral fibre

Sizes: From 600 x 600 mm to 1500 x 600 mm (See data sheet)

Models: Ekla dB 40, dB 42, dB 44

Ekla dB 40 – 30 mm
Ekla dB 42 – 40 mm
Ekla dB 44 – 50 mm

Acoustic Absorption: > 0.8 from 500 Hz upwards

Sound Barrier:
Ekla dB 40 – 40 dB
Ekla dB 42 – 42 dB
Ekla dB 44 – 44 dB

Fire Rating: Euroclass A2 according to EN 13501-1

Resistance to Humidity:
Ekla dB 40 – Stable at 100% Humidity
Ekla dB 42 – Stable at 100% Humidity
Ekla dB 44 – Stable at 170% Humidity

Thermal Resistance:
Ekla dB 40 – 0.75 m²K/W
Ekla dB 42 – 1.00 m²K/W
Ekla dB 44 – 1.25 m²K/W

Compatible Frames:
A15, A24, D/AEX, E15



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