Digital turntable stylus force scale


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This digital stylus force gauge, allows you to accurately measure and set the stylus force for your turntable. The correct stylus force ensures you get the best sound from your turntable without access wear on your precious vinyl records.

In stock


Digital Tonearm Scales Digital Turntable, Stylus Force Scale Gauge, Scale Gauge, Tester, 0.01 g Stylus Force Measuring Device, Blue LCD Backlight for Tonarm, Phono Cartridge (Black)

  • For MM/MC/MI acoustic and piezoelectric pickup, non-magnetic, no magnetic field adhesion, reliable display.
  • High-quality display with blue backlight. Packed with an excellent leather case for good protection.
  • Comes with one weight and two button batteries, allowing long-term standby operation.
  • Help you adjust the stylus force of your record player, keep the record machine’s good performance.
  • High precision and accuracy. Precision: ±0.01g Capacity: 0-5.00 g.

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