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DAB, DAB+ & FM Radio, 20 Station Presets, Alarms, CrystalVue Display, Built-in Speaker, Headphones Out, Sleep Timer, USB Powerport.

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Make going to bed a real pleasure and getting up that little bit more enjoyable with this stylish DAB/DAB+ and FM clock radio featuring large auto-dimming clock and USB for charging your mobile.



The latest addition to our award-winning Siesta family, Siesta Rise is here to make your mornings just that little bit more enjoyable, combining essential bedside features with impressive sound and stylish design.

The perfect bedside companion

Siesta Rise is packed with useful features that you’ll love. There’s the clock which sets itself and adjusts automatically for daylight saving, a large clock display with auto-dimming so it won’t keep you awake at night and a USB socket ideal for charging your mobile while you sleep. You can set different alarm times for weekdays, weekends and more thanks to three independent tone or radio alarms and there’s an adjustable snooze and sleep timer too.

Quality design and sound

Unobtrusive but stylish, the compact design is sure to fit on the smallest of bedside tables. Like all our Pure digital radios, Siesta Rise has been engineered and hand tuned by our audio experts in the UK to ensure the best possible sound and comes with a reassuring 3 year warranty as standard.

Switch on to digital radio

DAB digital radio brings you high-detail digital-quality sound, lots of stations (many exclusive to digital) and uses scrolling text to show you track titles, programme names and more. Digital radios automatically find all your available stations and let you select them by name, and all our digital radios also include FM for any stations that have not yet gone digital. Siesta Rise is also Digital Tick approved so you can rest assured that you’re ready for any future FM to digital radio switchover.


Wire aerial attached

Power on/Standby, Volume/Snooze/Select, Source, Alarms, Presets, Menu, Sleep

141.4 mm wide x 137 mm deep x 63 mm high

Digital : Band III 174-240 MHz, FM radio : 87.5-108 MHz

Input connectors:
5.5V (2A) Micro USB power adapter socket (also for software updates)

Output connectors:
USB-A (1A) socket for charging phone or tablet, 3.5mm headphone socket

100-240V AC to 5.5V (2A) DC Mini USB external power adapter

10 digital radio and 10 FM presets

Digital and FM radio

Full-range 2.5″ drive unit. 2W RMS amplifier.

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Siesta Rise

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Radio Features

Alarm Clock Radio, Phone Charging, USB

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