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Whatever business you are in it always pays to look professional. That is why, when you are choosing signage solutions you want to choose the best. Welcome to Philips Signage Solutions.



Philips VideoWall Solutions

Philips VideoWall Solutions – Doneo Malta

Whether you need a highly sophisticated display or if you are on a tight budget, there is a Philips Signage Solution that is right for you.

Product Range Overview

With one of the most comprehensive product ranges around we deliver some of the finest public signage and public information displays on the market. From cost-effective displays with Multi-user touch functionality, 3D glasses free displays to versatile and stunning bezel-less video walls and more.

Besides, our commitment to delivering top notch displays, with cutting edge technology that you can depend on 24 hours a day remains unwaivable.

Singage Solutions Overview

Philips Signage Solutions offer system integrators and solution providers operational flexibility and better serviceability. Unique features take performance to a brand new level giving you the finest picture quality and the highest reliability even if you are running a network 24/7. Enjoy taking a closer look at what Philips Signage Solutions has to offer.



Q-Line Series – Basic Signing Solutions

Q-line solutions are perfect for everyday use – especially in 16/7 operations. Designed for relatively basic signage solutions for spaces like waiting rooms, sports centers and quick service restaurants. The displays with edge-backlit LED technology consume an average of 40% less power than CCFL technology so you will also save on your energy bill.

Key Features:

  • Edge LED technology ensures natural color and thin design
  • Lightweight & Easy Installation
  • Simple Signage Playback via USB
  • 40% more energy efficient than CCFL technology
  • 50,000 hour MTBF panel life expectancy

E-Line Series – Professional Signage Solutions

Make your marketing messages come alive with the startling clarity of E-line solutions. Designed for 24/7 day-in day-out performance. The eye-catching and sustainable design fits perfectly in any retail environment. What’s more, with the E-line you can look forward to lowering your TCO and maximize your ROI.

Key Features:

  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Maximum flexibility with Smart Insert
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Smart Power for an eco-friendly performance
  • Advanced Smart Control management
  • Brightness automatically adjusts with ambient conditions

V-Line Series – High-End Signage Solutions

In the most demanding environments, performance matters. You need a display that will captivate your audience. The stunning picture quality and sophisticated slim and lightweight design is ideally suited for transportation and corporate environments to get your message across both effectively and professionally.

Key Features

  • High-end Edge LED panel performance
  • Anti-glare and high brightness display solution
  • Slim design for a stylish look
  • OPS Slot to seamlessly integrate networks
  • Advanced Smart Control management
  • Simple Signage Playback via USB

Videowall Series – Think Big!

Think big. Think style. Think power. The Philips zero-bezel displays can be used in virtually any videowall setup to get your message across loud and clear. A host of advanced solutions make configuration fast, maintenance easy and performance simply outstanding. Moreover Philips is the technology leader in glasses-free 3D and multi-user touch videowall solutions.

Key Features

  • Ultra thin bezel design for seamless videowall solutions
  • Matrix function for fast setup
  • Advanced colour calibration
  • Smart Control for total control of your videowall
  • Edge finishing & alignment installation

3D Display Series – No Glasses Needed

Add an extra dimension to your professional presentations and amaze your audience with Philips glasses-free 3D displays. Thanks to our revolutionary lenticular technology you don’t need to wear glasses to register the 3D effect. All in all it is a way of getting a whole new experience while offering a much more entertaining time to viewers located in surroundings such as museums, flagship stores and point-ofsale advertising.

Key Features:

  • No need for special 3D glasses
  • Autostereoscopic lenticular technology gives presentations a new dimension
  • Extraordinary 3D display quality with 150° viewing angle
  • Integrated rendering core for full control over the depth effect of the picture
  • Multiple users experience at the same time
  • Full brightness, full contrast, true colour representation

Multi-Touch Series – Innovative Interaction

Enjoy amazing functionality with the World’s largest touch range. More flexibility and optimum performance coupled with excellent operability opportunities give you the ultimate in user interaction. There’s no limit to the possibilities in the areas of education, retail and corporate. Choose between 2, 6 or 32 simultaneous touchpoints and take audience interaction to a new level.

Key Features

  • Supreme audience interaction with the widest Multi-Touch range
  • Optical, capacitive or infra red multi-touch technology
  • Choice between 2, 6 or 32 simultanious touchpoints
  • Smart Power for energy saving
  • Compatible with Omnitapps for a fully customizable
    multi-touch suite

Signage Solutions

Interactive Solutions:
Multiple touch-point displays open up new possibilities for interactive POS/POI marketing programs. Most accurate technology, supreme audience interaction and engage. Watch the video about the benefits of our interactive solutions.

VideoWall Solutions
Impress and capture your audience with the ultra-slim bezel solutions. The internal zoom function enables easy implementation of a video wall matrix, without the need for expensive external equipment. Watch the video about the benefits of our videowall solutions.

The world of Android is now available on your display. Upgrade your possibilities with dynamic content that will enhance your store experience, captivate and impress customers and create a real wow factor.

Smart Insert Solutions
Professional PC’s are part of most public signage installations. Quite often they increase the overall depth to the display and cause a lot of cable clutter. So we have designed this display with Smart insert in the back cover, which is ideal for the integration of a professional small form factor PC. On top of that, the cable management system offers a great solution to keep your cables neat and professional looking.

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