Meeting Owl 3 – 360° Video Conferencing System + Expansion Mic Bundle


Create an immersive hybrid meeting experience in any space with the intelligent 360° camera, mic and speaker that gets smarter over time.


Meet the ultimate tool for hybrid collaboration


Includes all participants equally

Facilitates natural collaboration

Flexible coverage for every space

Captures everything with a 360-degree camera, mic and speaker, giving everyone an immersive experience

Sits in the centre of the room and intelligently zooms in on whoever is speaking for organic face-to-face interactions

Frictionless technology adapts to you and your space by pairing two Meeting Owls 

The do-it-all device that works hard for your team

See inside the technology that makes meetings with the Meeting Owl 3 the closes thing to being together in person


See the whole room

The panoramic 360-degree camera renders a 3-m radius of the room in 1080p, so you don’t miss a thing

Make yourself heard

The mic’s 5.5-maudio pickup radius catches audio from all angles, even in large rooms.

Catch every word

Hear remote team members loud and clear from all areas of the room with the 360° tri-speaker 

Integrates with the conferencing platforms you're already using

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Our Owl Intelligence System gets Smarter over time

Behind the dynamic features in all Owl Labs devices is the Owl Intelligence System, proprietary AI-driven software that receives regular upgrades to make collaborating even more immersive and inclusive.


Wirelessly syncs all of the Owl Labs devices in your space for seamless meetings 

Enables two paired Meeting Owls to detect the active speaker in large rooms 

Modulates speaker volume for an optimal remote listening experience 

Effortlessly improves features and capabilities with routine upgrades

Built-in software features boost whole-team productivity

Owl Connect

Say hello to flexible technology 

  • Connects multiple Owl Labs devices to support meeting rooms of all sizes and budgets 
  • Positioning cameras within 3-6 of every in-room person gives remote participants a fully immersive experience 
  • Effortlessly expands the pickup range to 13.5m for audio and 8.5m for video by allowing two Meeting Owl 3s to works as one 

Presenter Enhance

Follow the discussion  

  • Tracks the active presenter so remote participants can follow the discussion
  • Makes it easy to lead hybrid meetings presentations and classes by focusing on the primary speaker
  • Additional in-room speakers are still highlighted in split-screen view 

Desktop and Mobile Apps 

Customise and control your meeting experience 

The Meeting Owl App can be installed on any iOS or Android phone as well as Windows and Mac desktop computers, giving you complete access to easily set up and manage your meetings, adjust settings and more


Smart coverage for every space

Collaborative Experience: One Meeting Owl 3

Audio Range: 18ft 

Video Range: 3m 

(1) Meeting Owl 3 

(1) Power adapter 

(1) 2-m USB-C Cable  

Extended Audio: One Meeting Owl 3 plus the Expansion Mic

Audio Range: 8m

Video Range: 3m 

(1) Meeting Owl 3 

(1) Expansion Mic  

Premium Immersive Room: Two Meeting Owl 3s

Audio Range: 13.5m

Video Range: 8.5m 

(2) Meeting Owl 3

(2) Meeting Owl 3 Lock Adapter 

(1) USB-C to USB-C 4.9-m

Hear everyone loud and clear with the Expansion Mic

Eco-friendly packaging

What's in the Box
  • (1) Meeting Owl 3

  • (1) Power adapter

  • (1) 2-m USB-C cable

  • Quick-start guide for easy set-up

  • Table card in English and French with Owl card holder

Tech Specs


Output Resolution: 1080p HD, Field of View: 360°

Video Pickup Radius: 10’ (3m)


8 omni-directional beamforming Smart Mics, Audio Pickup Radius: 5.5m  



Three built-in speakers for 360° coverage and clear in-room sound

Speaker Output Level: 80 db SPL



Plug and Play connection to host computer via USB-C

Option to connect to the Expansion Mic via micro-HDMI



AI-powered Owl Intelligence System™ to intelligently focus on whoever is speaking

Ability to pair two Meeting Owl 3s or Pros using Owl Connect to expand video and audio coverage in larger rooms



Plug and play connection to host computer via USB-C

Works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, Webex and virtually all web-based video conferencing platforms



Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 605 processor


Dimensions: 111 mm W x 111 mm D x 272 mm H

Weight: 1.2 kg


2-year warranty 

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