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4-ch stereo mixer: live streaming, PC audio, Bluetooth/USB recorder/player. Stream live via smartphone/tablet, no extras. Mixer as Plug and Play audio card on Windows/Mac, playback/record simultaneously. Bluetooth/USB recorder/player for music/performances.

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✅ 2 mono channels and 1 stereo channel with independent volume controls

✅ Bluetooth® receiver and USB recorder/player

✅ USB audio for connection to PC as audio card

✅ Live streaming function





4-channel stereo mixer with live streaming function, PC audio card, and Bluetooth®/USB recorder/player.

Live Streaming feature, you can connect your smartphone or tablet and stream your live performance to your favorite platform, with no need for anything else.
Connect the mixer to your PC as a Plug and Play audio card on Windows and Mac. You can play audio content from your PC and record audio on your PC simultaneously.
Bluetooth/USB recorder and player, plays music, or records the performance without PC.

It features effects (delay and repeat) with level control, which will give an extra touch to your performances.
In addition, 48 V phantom power is available on channel 1 for the use of condenser microphones.

It has a very small and portable size, perfect for street performers, home music studios, small events or parties, etc. In addition, it only requires a 5V DC, 2.1 A power supply, which can be provided by the adapter, by the USB port of a PC or laptop or through a power bank, which greatly increases the versatility and possibilities of use of this complete mixer.

FEATURES:2-channel mono and 1-channel stereo mixer.
Live streaming function, connect your smartphone for live streaming.
USB audio input/output for PC connection as Plug and Play audio card on Windows and Mac, allows simultaneous audio playback from PC and recording.
4.2 Bluetooth Receiver
USB recorder/player.
2 digital effects (delay and repeat).
USB PLAYER: Plays or records MP3 files from USB
USB-C port for PC connection as Plug and Play audio card on Windows and Mac
INPUTS:2 balanced microphones/lines, combo (XLR, 600 Ω 5 mV RMS, and 6.3 mm jack, 47.000 Ω 30 mV RMS)
1 balanced/unbalanced stereo line channel, 2 x 6.3 mm jack/2 x RCA, 47,000 Ω 300 mV RMS
1 stereo auxiliary for live streaming, 3.5 mm TRRS jack, 47,000 Ω 300 mV RMS
1 mic, 3.5 mm mono jack, 600 Ω 5 mV RMS
1 USB/PC, stereo
CONTROLS:4 controls per channel: gain, 2-band EQ, volume, and clip indicator light
Effects level control
Headphone volume
Independent main output volume control
FUNCTIONS:2-band equalizer per channel
Overload indicator and master output level indicator light
Live streaming
OUTPUTS:1 stereo main balanced/unbalanced, 2 x 6.3 mm jack/2 x RCA, 5 V RMS
1 stereo auxiliary for live streaming, 3.5 mm TRRS jack, 500 mV RMS
1 stereo headphone, 3.5 mm TRRS jack, 500 mV RMS
1 USB/PC, stereo
PHANTOM:48 V on channel 1, selectable
5 V at 3.5 mm jack plug on channel 1
RESPONSE:20-20,000 Hz
DISTORTION:Harmonic: 0.05 %
S/N RATIO:> 68 dB
POWER SUPPLY:5 V DC, 2.1 A with adapter included
DIMENSIONS:175 x 55 x 190 mm depth
WEIGHT:0.6 kg
ACCESSORIES:3.5 mm TRRS male-male audio cable
USB-A to USB-C power cable
USB power adapter


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Amplifier Connectivity

Bluetooth, USB, 4 Channel


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