Fonestar 7937M Hdmi Extender over Cat 6


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HDMI extender over Cat 6 cable.  Distance of up to 50 m for a resolution of 1080p with Cat 6 cable. IR repeater built in, HDMI loop out at transmitter end.

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HDMI extender over Cat 6 cable. Transmission distance of up to 50 m for a resolution of 1080p with Cat 6 cable. HDMI loop output in transmitter for local TV. EDID function, automatically or manually selects optimum resolution in all TVs. 10 level equalizer in each receiver to compensate for transmission losses. Receiver powered by PoC via Cat 6 cable. In accordance with IEEE-568B regulations. Compatible with Full HD 1080p. Remote control extender. Bandwidth 4.95 Gbps.


Transmitter: 5 V DC, 2 A with adapter included
Receiver: PoC

Transmitter and receiver: 72 x 23 x 67 mm depth

2 x 0.1 kg

Remote control transmitter and receiver

It is recommended that good quality Cat 6 cables with FTP/SFTP shielding are used. The cables must have shielded connectors with the cable shielding connected to the connector shielding.
This improves the reliablity of the HDMI extenders, avoiding ground loops produced by interconnecting devices (player/receiver and TV) with different ground reference which could cause losses or image cutting.

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