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120″(16:9) 161.0 x 277.9 x 4.1 cm Elite fixed Frame Screen

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Elite Screens R120WH1 Projection Screen

The Elite 58.8 x 104.6″ EzFrame Fixed Wall Projection Screen is a theater-style screen that can be used for home, office, or educational purposes. The permanently tensioned surface is made from lightproof velour insuring that no light penetrates and which also produces a clear, bright and crisp image.

The 2.36″ thick anodized black aluminum frame is rugged and will hold tension with no problem. In addition, the wall mount is a sliding design which helps maintain its proper center alignment – a real bonus for a fixed frame screen.

The tab-tensioning feature assures a flat, undistorted image. The back of the screen is designed with additional bracing to promote an even flatness to the screen surface. When this is achieved, the projected image appears more professional leaving less room for your audience to be distracted by a potentially skewed image

The black anodized aluminum frame features a black velour surface. This material is not only an attractive addition to the screen but also serves to absorb any ambient light that happens to stray into the frame area.

  • Easy to setup and install – full tension uniformity
  • Pro-Trim black velour surface help focus attention on screen – masked borders keep attention on the screen by absorbing projection “over-shoot”
  • Wall mounts are sliding-style in design – helps maintain centering alignment
  • Available in Video (4:3), HDTV (16:9) and Widescreen (2.35:1) aspect ratios


Style Fixed Frame
Front/Rear Projection Front
Mount Wall
Finish CineWhite Finish
Tension Control Tensioned
Keystone Control Not Applicable
Overall Size 63.4 x 109.4 x 1.6″ (161.0 x 277.9 x 4.1 cm)
Image Size 58.8 x 104.6″ (1.5 x 2.7 m)
Diagonal 120″ (3 m)
Format HDTV
Aspect Ratio 16:09
Gain 1.1
Viewing Angle 160°

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