Displax Pad

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All-in-one multitouch system with a totally flat surface and sleek design. DISPLAX Pad is a plug & play system, ready to hang and start using!



Displax Pad

Ready to use multitouch display for public spaces

The Pad features a totally flat touch surface with an edge-to-edge front glass form factor popularized by the iPhone and used on every smartphone and tablet.


Public Displays
Designed for spaces with high footfall like retail and shopping centers, museums, airports and other large facilities where users are available to engage with interactive content.

All in one compact multitouch display 
All in one multitouch display, with LED LCD display, PC and multitouch technology altogether in one compact and elegant casing. The Pad brings the same experience people are used to have in smaller devices to large public displays, allowing a smooth transition across devices. Users are engaged with contents and not focused on dealing with a different touch experience from the one they carry in their pockets.

Entire system inside casing
PAD doesn’t require any technical knowledge to start up and run. It includes all the hardware required by a multitouch display to be used and uses VESA mounting for hanging.

Plug & Play
PAD is shipped ready to hang and start using. It can be used horizontally, as a table, or placed vertically. All it requires is to turn on the PC to start working.

Ready to hang – landscape or portrait
DISPLAX Pad is a versatile product that can be used in different scenarios and ways. It can be hanged vertically, using the VESA system in the back, in landscape or portrait mode, to better suit the needs and available space of the location.


Edge-to-edge front mounted glass and a smooth touch experience

Excellent accuracy and response
Skin is a projected capacitive multitouch technology that uses a mutual capacitance technique to scan the touch sensor and quickly detect multiple and simultaneous inputs. The sensor is a flexible polymer foil that has more than 4000 nodes in the grid to provide high accuracy and responsiveness to the touch experience.

Full HD
Pad uses a LED display for reduced energy consumption, better contrast and brightness, greater color range and a more accurate image rendering. Enjoy the amazing quality of Full HD in your multitouch interface and contents.


The PAD was designed having in mind multiple users interacting simultaneously, while guaranteeing enough space and freedom of movements for a fluid interaction

Materials used 
Frontal toughened glass with black border. Stainless steel trim and carbon steel back.

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