Bose RoomMatch RM283505 / RM352805

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RoomMatch asymmetrical array modules add to existing RoomMatch full-range modules to provide 22 modules with horizontally asymmetrical coverage patterns.



Bose RoomMatch RM283505 / RM352805 – Doneo Malta

Bose RoomMatch® DeltaQ™ array loudspeakers are designed for permanent installation in the finest performing arts centers, auditoriums, sports arenas, dance clubs and houses of worship, in which the large-format waveguides with choice of 42 coverage patterns can provide best-in-class coverage control, sound quality and vocal clarity even in venues with difficult acoustics.


DeltaQ™ technology advances line-array loudspeaker design by allowing different “Q” (directivity) for each module in the array to improve sound quality by better matching array coverage to audience areas and distance, with improved phase coherency

42 large-format waveguide patterns – allows designers to customize array coverage to exact venue dimensions to minimize wall reflections and deliver best-in-class sound quality even in venues with difficult acoustics

Continuous-Arc Diffraction-Slot (CADS) Manifold – provides smooth high-frequency array summation and allows choice of 5 vertical-coverage patterns. Select number of array modules based on sound level, low-frequency pattern control and budget requirements, independent of total array vertical coverage

Bose EMB2 compression drivers – deliver the vocal power normally associated with 3-way systems with frequencies from 500 Hz to 16 kHz projected from the large-format waveguides for remarkably consistent coverage and vocal clarity

Integrated Rigging – allows fast installation of arrays with up to 8 full-range modules at 10:1 safety factor

Available RMS215 or RMS218 subwoofers – extend full-range performance to 40 Hz or 25 Hz, in flown or ground stack arrays

Available Bose PowerMatch® amplifiers – configurable to provide optimal power for all RoomMatch modules and subwoofers; includes integrated loudspeaker DSP functions with optional Dante® digital audio network interface


  • Theaters
  • Houses of worship
  • Auditoriums
  • Performing arts venues
  • Arenas


Technical Summary

Frequency Response (-3 dB)
60 Hz – 16 kHz

Frequency Range (-10 dB)
55 Hz – 16 kHz

Nominal Coverage Pattern (H x V)
RM283505 and RM352805: 28°+35° x 5° or 35°+28° x 5°
RM284505 and RM452805: 28°+45° x 5° or 45°+28° x 5°
RM286005 and RM602805: 28°+60° x 5° or 60°+28° x 5°

Long-Term Power Handling
Low Frequency: 500 W (2000 W peak)
High Frequency: 150 W (600 W peak)

Nominal Impedance
Low Frequency: 4 Ω
High Frequency: 8 Ω

Sensitivity (SPL / 1 W @ 1 m)
LF No EQ: 94 dB
LF With EQ: 93 dB
HF No EQ: 109 dB – 110 dB*
HF With EQ: 107 dB

Maximum SPL @ 1 m
LF No EQ: 121 dB
LF With EQ: 120 dB
HF No EQ: 131 dB – 133 dB*
HF With EQ: 129 dB – 130 dB*

Calculated Maximum SPL @ 1 m, peak
LF No EQ: 127 dB
LF With EQ: 136 dB
HF No EQ: 137 dB – 139 dB*
HF With EQ: 135 dB – 136 dB*

*Varies by coverage pattern

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