Soundproof Ceilings – Gypsum

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Floating gypsum soundproof ceilings with shock/spring-mounted frame & supports. Custom Design for both domestic and commercial environments. Up to 91 dB Rw.



Gypsum Soundproof Ceilings

Gypsum ceilings with metal or wired supports connected directly between the support frame and the concrete ceiling without suitable de-coupling are mostly useless in providing isolation against impact noise. With this arrangement, mechanical vibrations are transferred directly from concrete slab to gypsum face and vice-versa through the supports, effectively causing a short circuit right through the structure, irrelevant of how elaborate the constructed configuration may be.

Floating gypsum ceilings are de-coupled from the concrete slabs. Depending on mounting distance from concrete ceiling and type of installed suspension, these ceilings can achieve specifications of up to 92 dB when combined with a 200mm concrete slab. The larger the afforded gap between soundproof ceiling and concrete ceiling, the better the soundproof ceiling will perform.

Ceiling supports isolate the ceiling frame from the concrete slab through shock-absorbers, springs or both, according to required specification. Ultra-compressed, dense mineral-fibre internal cladding provides combined cavity absorbtion and extended isolation against airborne noise in combination with dual gypsum ceiling-face boards. The face boards can be further de-coupled from the frame via de-coupling springs to increase impact isolation.

The finished structures absorb vibrations and convert sonic energy into kinetic energy and heat.


• Reduction of impact noise generated by footsteps and dragging of furniture on above floor.

• Protection of above floor from loud, low frequency airborne noise generated in relevant room or enclosure.

The below illustrated soundproof ceilings are based on a different suspension and each of them singly feature a number of possible variations according to operational circumstances and desired specification:

C1 - CH-Mini shock-mounted gypsum soundproof ceiling – (Standard Performance)

Domestic, retail and commercial applications – ceiling loads up to 150Kg per sq.m

C2 - SH spring-mounted gypsum soundproof ceiling – (High Performance)

Domestic, retail and commercial applications where the presence of loudspeakers creates added low frequency, or for higher protection required against impact noise coming from above floor – ceiling loads up to 180 kg/sq.m

C3 - CH composite spring- and shock-mounted gypsum soundproof ceiling – (Professional)

Nightclubs with loud music and/or resident D.J.’s, live music performance venues, sound studios – ceiling loads up to 450kg/sq.m – ISO EN 10270


• Face de-coupling spring - ΔRw + 17 dB / ΔLn, w 17dB
• Weighted Elastometer Barrier 3.5R or 5R

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