Onkyo HCMX-HF120

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High-Purity 6N Copper-Core Cable

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Onkyo HCMX-HF120 – Doneo Malta

The HCMX-HF120 is a 6N oxygen-free, 99.9999 percent pure copper cable delivering almost perfect conductivity. Less resistance means clearer sound, faster transient response, and a more expansive soundstage when compared to conventional cables. Wrapped in a tough yet flexible transparent elastomer sheath, the HCMX-HF120 is resistant to touch noise—the muffled thumps you hear when thin cable brushes against your clothing—and won’t easily tangle. As this product is intended for audio enthusiasts, the one-piece design has no heavy connectors or in-line volume controls to get in the way. At 1.2 m, you’ll find it the ideal length for the daily commute—whether you prefer to carry your media player in your pocket or your bag—while the gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo plug is reinforced to withstand the rough and tumble of rush hour. This audiophile-grade product promises high performance, but not at the expense of longevity and convenience. Note: This product is designed for use with Onkyo in-ear and on-ear headphones only. Onkyo accepts no liability in relation to damage caused by misuse. Some smartphone cases may prevent a proper cable connection. Please consult your Onkyo headphone product’s instruction manual for further details.


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