Monitor Audio WT-1 + WR-1 Wireless Transmitter package


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WT-1 and WR-1 are diminutive wireless transmitter and complementary receiver modules measuring just 6 cm round by 4 cm deep. They can be used together to create a simple wireless zone extension, or to enable wireless rear speakers in a home theatre system.

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The WT-1 and WR-1 are the ideal partners for placing between sources and amplifiers or amplifier and subs.

The WT-1 can be used in conjunction with the WS-10 subwoofer to create a wireless sub-woofer system for use with any AV receiver or amplifier with LFE or stereo outputs. The units configured are stereo and can transmit full audio band stereo in a lossless, uncompressed format; therefore preserving the signal quality and integrity. A single LFE channel can be used for sub-woofer applications.

This module is ultra-compact and can be hidden out of sight a the back of an equipment rack, amplifier or TV. Once the modules are switched on, they will automatically lock on to each other and connect. No buttons to press or pairing is required. The set up process could not be any simpler.

 A non-slip silicon rubber base is designed to not mark or leave residue on surfaces. 

* WT1/WR1 are designed and approved to ErP standards and comply with Eco design for energy related products Regulations for Energy-Related Products Directive 2009/125/EC. This means the units consume less than 0.5Watts of power in standby mode.


Formats Compact Wireless transmitter module & Compact Wireless receiver module 

Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 KHz  

Wireless Type Lossless/uncompressed Digital 2.4GHz band 

Wireless Range 10 m (dependant on building construction) 

Input Impedance > 20K Ohms 

Inputs – Analogue stereo inputs/outputs (RCA) 

A.C Mains Adaptor External plug type power supply (94-264 VAC) 5v output with world plug pins 

D.C Input Voltage 5v @ 50mA 

Indicators LED – on/connected 

Power Consumption < 0.5Watts standby  – ErP certified 

Overall Dimensions 68 mm x 32 mm (211/16 x 11/4″) 

Approvals ETL/ CE/ Fcc/CB/ Erp 

Weight 5.76 kg (12 lb 11 oz) 

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