Monitor Audio Monitor 50AV 5.1 Surround System Speaker Package


The Monitor 50 AV 5.1 surround sound speaker system with Monitor 50 speakers


Monitor 50AV

Featuring the renowned C-CAM driver from our best-selling Bronze series, the Monitor 50 AV surround sound speaker system delivers a detailed performance to delight home cinema and music lovers alike.

This speaker package is made up of:

  • Front & Rear Speakers – Monitor Audio Monitor 50 x2 (Pairs)
  • Center Speaker – Monitor Audio Monitor C150
  • Subwoofer – Monitor Audio MRW-10
Monitor Audio - AV Forum Editors Choice Award
Monitor Audio - Hi-Fi Choice Recommended Award
Monitor Audio - AV Forum Highly Recommended Award
MONITOR AUDIO Monitor 50 White bookshelf speaker

Monitor Key Features

  • Classic Monitor Audio speaker design with a playful twist
  • Orange translucent MMP II (Metal Matrix Polymer) driver cones – adds a stylish touch
  • High overall impedance (8 ohms) – easy to drive with lower power amplifiers
  • Black C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium) dome tweeter – derived from Monitor Audio’s award-winning Bronze series
  • Creative use of 51/2″ and 61/2″ drivers have delivered a compact bookshelf, floorstand model together with larger bookshelf and floorstander to complement larger rooms and higher power applications
  • HiVe II (High Velocity, Low Noise Reflex Port) technology – for an improved transient response and tighter bass, due to smoother airflow
  • Black, white or a walnut finish, with contrasting grey baffle
  • Outrigger feet on floorstanding models deliver a sleeker appearance, takes up less floor space and improves stability
Monitor Audio Monitor 50 rear connections

Monitor 50 
Left – Right – Rear Left – Rear Right

The Monitor 50 is a compact speaker designed to look stunning in a bookshelf type environment. The usual rectangular cabinet profile has been replaced with a striking square cabinet which houses the single 51/2” MMP II driver and a 25 mm black C-CAM tweeter. Whilst the cabinet is rear ported, the output is well-damped and is suitable for positioning close to a wall. A single set of high-quality gold-plated binding posts provide the connections for an amplifier.

Monitor 150 

The compact Monitor C150 centre is ideal for cabinets and shelves. The sealed enclosure ensures it can be positioned right up to a wall without any detrimental effects. Twin 51/2” MMP II drivers work perfectly in tandem to give precise clarity to movie dialogue presentation.

Monitor MRW-10 

The powerful Monitor MRW-10 subwoofer houses a 10” long throw MMP II bass driver, capable of delivering thunderous bass down to below 30 Hz. The rear ported enclosure provides optimal output from the powerful 100 W class D power amplifier. The amplifier boasts many features dedicated to optimising a home theatre system. EQ settings provides a level of adjustment for room and tastes. All filters and features are controlled in the digital domain using an advanced DSP based architecture to provide the ultimate in flexibility and control.

MONITOR AUDIO Monitor 50 White bookshelf speaker

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