IR Repeater System Kit


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Allows you to control AV devices/components which are kept in a closed cabinet.

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This IR Repeater System Kit allows you to control home theater devices/components which are kept behind closet doors or in a closed cabinet.

It allows you to use an existing infrared remote controller to operate an audio/video (A/V) component. For example: amplifier, cable box, stereo receiver, satellite TV receiver, CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player or any other components which is controlled by IR signal.

With 1 receiver which picks up the signal from the remote controller, the receiver is with a convenient IR confirmation LED.
With 4 emitters which is used to send the signals to the A/V components.
5V USB AC Power Supply.
34-60kHz operating range.

How to use:
Stick the Receiver in a convenient location that you want with the included double sided tape;
Stick the IR emitters on devices that you want to control;
Please make sure to place IR emitter(the small one) ON THE IR WINDOW of your device

Placing two IR emitters on the same component will not improve performance

Power Supply: 5V Via connection to your TV USB socket (no power supply is included). 
Frequency range: 34-60kHz
Color: Black

Package Included:
1 * IR Receiver
1 * 4 in 1 IR Emitters

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IR Extenders

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