Audac PMX124


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Audac professional 12 channel multi-purpose mixer with 6 mono and 4 stereo inputs.

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Audac PMX124 12 Channel Mixing Console

The PMX124 is a 12 channel multi-purpose mixer with 6 mono and 4 stereo inputs. It is a perfect and easy to use solution for a wide range of applications like bands and musicians, but also for fixed installations. By means of the built-in 24-bit DSP box, there can be selected between 100 fixed high quality studio grade digital effects. Some examples are reverbs, delays, chorus and flange.

The intensity of the effect can be controlled by the EFX RTN fader, and an individual potmeter for every channel. A 3 band equalization is available for every input channel, and besides the equalization there’s a HPF filter present for channels 1 to 7/8. Furthermore, there’s a Peak LED for every mono channel and a PFL and mute switch for every mono and stereo channel. Two high-resolution LED bargraphs monitor the output signals for the Main L/R. Phantom power is available on every microphone input channel, to supply your condenser microphones and active Direct Injection (DI) boxes.

The external power adapter delivers a 17 V AC supply voltage to accomplish the best signal to noise ratio to keep the noise floor as little as possible. The PMX124 will give you years of trouble-free gigging thanks to the solid chassis design and the use of high quality components. With this console, two 19” adapters are included to fit at both sides of the PMX124 for attachment into 19” fightcases or racks.


– 6 mono and 4 stereo inputs
– 3 band equalization
– 1 Aux with Pre/Post switch
– Flexible and small desk
– 24 bit built-in DSP
– 100 Preset effects available
– Peak signal indication
– PFL for every channel
– 19” adapters included


– Small PA systems
– Clubs
– Theatre
– Rehearsal rooms
– Pubs
– Music venues


Max. output level 24 dBm
Frequency response -3 dB 20 Hz – 20 kHz
THD < 0.01
Crosstalk < 70 d
Hum & Noise
EIN < -127 dBu
Residual > 100 dBu
Main – ALT3/4 – < -80 dBu
AUX – EFX output Less than 0.15% (rated power)
Equalization – High 12 kHz ± 15dB
Mid 2.5 kHz ± 12 d
Low 80 Hz ± 15 d
DSP effect 24 bit / 100 presets
Power Supply 230 V AC – 50/60 H
Phantom power 48 V DC
Dimensions 328 x 420 x 65 mm
Weight 5.85 kg
Packaging Carton box
Weight and volume 7.20 Kg – 0.05Cb

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Amplifier Connectivity

Microphone In, 12 Channel


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