Audac MBK1XX


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Mounting Brackets for Audac PX range. PX108: MBK108 / PX110: MBK110 / PX112: MBK112 / PX115: MBK115.

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Audac MBK1xx mounting brackets – Doneo Malta

Mounting Brackets for Audac PX range of products.


Mounting bracket for:  PX108, PX110, PX112, PX115

The MBK1XX series mounting brackets are especially designed for the mounting of the AUDAC PX series speakers.These brackets allow to mount the speakers in any possible situation.For the mounting of the PX series speaker with the corresponding bracket, the pole flange adapter in the bottom of the speaker has to be replaced with a screw flange adapter, which is included.They are constructed of solid steel, and come withal the necessary parts for safe mounting, such as2 M10 bolts and a safety cable with M10 eye bolt mounting.

Every speaker of the PX range has his special designed bracket:

PX108: MBK108 /PX110: MBK110 /PX112: MBK112 /PX115: MBK115

(Width x Height x Depth) MBK108 50 x 530 x 265 mm
MBK110 50 x 570 x 275 mm
MBK112 50 x 670 x 345 mm
MBK115 50 x 790 x 365 mm
Weight net  MBK108 2,64 Kg
MBK110 2,74 Kg
MBK112 3,22 Kg
MBK115 3,54 Kg
Suited for  MBK108 PX108
MBK110 PX110
MBK112 PX112
MBK115 PX115
Construction  Steel 5 mm
Colour  Black & White

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Brackets & Stands

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