Audac CPB Cover Bags


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Cover Bags for Audac PX and Audac RX speaker cabinets.

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Cover Bags for Audac PX & Audac RX cabinets – Doneo Malta


  • Made of extra strong water repelling polyester
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Small rubber feet
  • Speaker is full accessible while cover is attached


  • Protection of all AUDAC PX en RX series speakers during transport and storage.

The Audac CPB series speakerbags are heavyduty splash waterproof speakerbags which areespecially designed for the protection and handlingof the AUDAC PX and RX series in all possible situations.By the design of these coverbags there’s takencare that it’s still possible to reach the connections,place the speaker on a stand and carry the speakerusing the speaker handles, even when the coverbag is attached.All these openings can be covered with with astitched flap from the same material when notused.The front of the bag can be opened with a zipperto use the speaker without removing the bag.During transportation and storage, the front canbe closed to avoid any damage of the speaker.The inside of the bag is a soft coated protection toavoid structural damages.The bags are made of extra strong, water repellingpolyester with heavy duty stitching and are finishedwith small rubber feet.Every speaker of the RX and PX series has a specific designed coverbag.

Dimensions CPB108P 315 – 170 x 520 x 315 mm
CPB110P 335 – 200 x 550 x 335 mm
CPB112P 420 – 235 x 650 x 390 mm
CPB115P 455 – 265 x 740 x 500 mm
CPB112R 405 – 140 x 635 x 360 mm
CPB115R 465 – 160 x 730 x 400 mm
Weight net CPB108P 0,846 Kg
CPB110P 0,929 Kg
CPB112P 1,199 Kg
CPB115P 1,272 Kg
CPB112R 1,350 Kg
CPB115R 1,467 Kg
Construction Polyester
Colour Black
Suited for CPB108P PX108
CPB110P PX110
CPB112P PX112
CPB115P PX115
CPB112R RX112
CPB115R RX115

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Speaker Accessories

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