Audac CMX380


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Audac professional Hanging condenser microphone with balanced XLR connection

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Audac CMX380

Hanging condenser microphone with balanced XLR connection


  • Cardioid polar pattern microphone
  • High quality “Back Electret” condenser element
  • Flat frequency response
  • Superior EMI suppression
  • Wide frequency response


  • Vocals
  • Instruments
  • Choirs
  • Theatre
  • On stage

The CMX380 was specially designed for use inchoirs, instrumental groups and theatres, but itstechnical qualities and design will also justify its usein several other recording/reproduction applications.This mini hanging cardioid microphone reducesfeedback to an absolute minimum by means of itsunidirectional (cardioid) polar pattern. Users, andparticularly musicians, singers and performers, willexperience a clear, natural reproduction of theirinstrument or voice, enabled by the flat frequencycharacteristic.Even when exposed to loud, powerful sounds, theHigh Sound Pressure level sees to it that the soundreproduction fulfils the high-quality standards professional sound applications require.The slimline, modest design will not distract the attention from the vocal or instrumental performance,nor will it draw notice to itself.In combination with the dark grey color, it will enablethe CMX380 to flawlessly blend into the background.

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