Audac CMP401


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Audac professional Microphone Phantom Power Adapter for condenser mic. 4pin mini XLR-3pin XLR M

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Audac CMP401 mic Phantom power adapter – Doneo Malta

The CMP401 is a microphone phantom power adapter featuring a 4-pin Mini XLR input connector and a 3-pin XLR output connector.

It is designed to enable the use of mini-headset, lavalier or other small condenser microphones with a 4-pin Mini-XLR connector in any wired microphone configuration. The internal electronics convert the phantom power supplied by the mixer or pre-amplifier into a lower voltage which can be used for powering small condenser microphones. The performance of the microphone can be adjusted to fit every possible application by using the low cut filter switch and the -10 dB attenuation switch which improves the performance when used for powerful vocals, close micing high-SPL sound sources and drum kits or other powerful musical instruments. The low-cut filter switch makes it possible to eliminate low-frequency ambient noise caused by external devices or whenever lower frequency audio signals are undesirable. It features a gold plated 4-pin mini XLR connector for connecting the CMX7xx (or other) series headset microphones and a gold plated 3 pole male XLR connector for connection to a mixer or pre-amplifier with phantom power supply.

It is delivered with a belt clip, making it easy to hide for the audience.

THD+N (@ 1 kHz) < 1% @ -4.8 dBV (<1% @ +4.7 dBV; -10dB attenuator enabled)
Low-cut roll-off -6 dB @ 1 kHz
Max. Current supply 2 mA
Inputs Phantom Power 9 ~ 52 V DC
Outputs Connector 3-pin XLR
Frequency Response (± 3 dB) 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Inputs Connector Type 4-pin mini XLR (Shure type)
Pin 1 Ground
Pin 2 +5V DC Bias
Pin 3 Microphone signal
Pin 4 Microphone signal
Product features
Dimensions 19 x 94 mm (Ø x L)
Weight 0.073 kg
Construction Metal
Colours Black

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Product Type

Microphone Accessories

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