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Tablets and smartphones aren’t suitable for everyone

Some things in life are constant – the love you have for your family, your need for human contact and the frustration you feel when you can’t do the things you thought you could. Other things change; it can become harder to remember passwords, using touch screens and manoeuvring complicated user interfaces. At the same time, we communicate more and more through new and rapidly developing digital channels. This leads to some people falling behind and being left out of the daily communication. KOMP requires no prior digital skills from the users, and allows digital children and grandchildren to share photos, messages and make video calls to their analogue grandparents.

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How It Works

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Video Call

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Easy to Use

Komp eye

High contrast screen

The screen has high contrast and large text, making the content easy to see.

Komp No touch

No touchscreen

With dry fingertips, interacting with a touch screen can be difficult. KOMP has no touch screen and is operated with only one button.

Clear audio connection

The sound is loud and clear, and seeing the person you talk with makes it easier to understand what they say.

One-button, physical interface

KOMP is easy to operate through a big, accessible button, with no complicated interactions to learn.

Connecting Generations

We communicate faster, more frequently and through more channels than ever before. We have developed KOMP to make communication across all generations simple and effortless. KOMP does not replace personal visits and face-to-face contact – it makes the time between each meeting feel a little shorter, and gives you more to talk about when you meet next.

KOMP Family App

Komp Family App

User friendly KOMP family app

The KOMP app builds a technological bridge between children, grandchildren and grandparents. Through the app, the entire family can send photos and messages to the KOMP that they are connected to, start video calls and administer content and settings for the device.

Personal invitations

An unlimited number of family members can be invited to share moments through an app, giving every generation in the family the possibility to participate.

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Whats in the box?

In the box you will find KOMP, power adapter and user manuals.

KOMP and Privacy

Secure video streaming and data storage

Privacy is always one of our main concerns – making sure both parties feel safe using KOMP.

No long-term storage

KOMP is made for sharing the moment. Pictures are only stored for the time chosen by you, and there is no recording feature on the video call.

Encrypted stream

The stream is end-to-end encrypted. This means that no one other than the KOMP user and the users connected to the app can access the stream.

Technical Specifications

Power 12V 5A 60W

Screen 17″

Audio 6,5 cm full-range speaker

Camera 8 MP

Connectivity WiFi Dual-Band 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t we just use Skype or a tablet?

Skype on a computer or a tablet both requires a certain amount of technological competence, which can include dealing with passwords, installing updates, error messages, or remembering to charge the device. Touch screens can also be a challenge for people with reduced fine motor skills or dry fingertips. KOMP is made for seniors that want to communicate without feeling intimidated by new and unfamiliar technology.

How many devices can we connect?

There is no limit to how many devices that can be connected to KOMP, but all users needs a personal invitation with a keyword to get started.

Can the senior initiate a call via KOMP?

At the moment, the senior can only receive calls through KOMP. If the KOMP is turned on, you can initiate a call via the KOMP app. If KOMP is off, and you would like to initiate a video call, we suggest calling the senior on their landline, and asking them to switch KOMP on. We designed KOMP to be as simple as possible; adding more buttons and functionality to KOMP may prevent seniors’ ability to use the device.

Does KOMP need an internet connection to function?

KOMP requires an internet connection to function, and is easily connected to the WiFi network in your home. If you do not have a WiFi connection, it is possible to set up a mobile 4G network to gain internet access.

Can multiple family members call into KOMP?

You can have an unlimited number of family members connected to KOMP via the KOMP app, however only one family member can call in at a time. We designed KOMP to be as simple as possible, and for many seniors multi-person video calling can be confusing.

Is KOMP easy to set up?

KOMP is easy to set up. We recommend setting the KOMP up at your home first, before taking it to your senior relative. You will need the KOMP app (free to download for iOS and Android). In the KOMP app, you enter the WiFi network details, and they are sent to the KOMP over Bluetooth, so you will need to be with the KOMP when you first do this.

How much does KOMP cost?

Komp is a very specialised product, designed and engineered to meet the needs of older people who are unable to use conventional electronics. The technology used is similar in quality to professional video conferencing systems. This level of sophistication on the inside enables KOMP to be reliable, secure and simple to use by the technically challenged older user.
Komp costs €990 including VAT, with no limit to the number of users that can connect. The KOMP mobile application used to communicate with KOMP is available as a free download. Now On OFFER €769

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