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Bose S1 PRO


Play anywhere and stay longer.

You always bring the best playlist. Now make sure you bring the best sound.

The Bose S1 system. It’s a Bluetooth® speaker, a PA system and just what you need to turn up the fun at parties, outdoor get-togethers and all those times that deserve better sound. Stream wirelessly from a mobile device or plug in a microphone or even your favourite musical instrument.

It has a lightweight, rugged enclosure with a built-in handle, so it’s easy to carry and take just about anywhere. And once you get there, the rechargeable battery gives you up to 11 hours of play time.

Bose F1 Flexible Array Loudspeaker

How it works

The eight drivers on the F1 Model 812 Flexible Array loudspeaker are mounted on a specially designed flexible baffle. Simply push or pull the array into position to create four vertical coverage patterns: “Straight,” ”J,” “Reverse J” or “C.” Once set, the system automatically changes the EQ to maintain optimum tonal balance for each unique coverage pattern.

High performance and flexibility

The Bose® F1 Model 812 Flexible Array loudspeaker is the first powered portable loudspeaker that lets you control its vertical coverage pattern. Simply choose among four different settings. Whether you’re playing at floor level, on a stage, or facing raked seats or stands, you can now adapt your PA to match the room. And once set, the system automatically changes the EQ to maintain optimum tonal balance for each coverage pattern. So, wherever you’re playing, you can have the right coverage for the right room.

  • Exclusive flex array can be configured into four unique shapes (“Straight,” “C,” “J” or “Reverse J”), allowing the customer to choose the best possible coverage pattern for the application
  • Eight-driver mid/high line array mounted on a custom 100-degree waveguide helps deliver wide, consistent coverage
  • 30 cm high-performance low-frequency driver provides strong low-frequency output
  • Bi-amplified design features two high-output, Class-D amplifiers to separately power the flex array and 30.48 cm LF driver
  • Two input channels with independent volume controls and Line Level/Mic switch on Channel 1
  • Can be paired with the F1 subwoofer for extended bass response
Bose F1

Bose L1 Portable PA Systems for musicians

Focus on your music with Bose L1 Portable Systems: L1 portable line array systems are made to help you get the best  live sound, from compact, portable systems. Using proprietary Bose technology, L1 systems combine PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. Place the loudspeaker behind you or besides you and hear what the audience hears. Ideal for music recitals, live performances or weddings.

Make your Performance truly memorable

Bose L1 portable line array systems provide a unique new approach to live sound. Using proprietary Bose technology, L1 systems combine PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. The loudspeaker can be positioned behind or to the side of the performer—and you hear what the audience hears.

Vertical line array of L1 loudspeakers has positive effects on coverage
L1 systems use a unique and highly effective vertical design: the column of closely spaced small speakers mounted in a slim case. An L1 loudspeaker projects sound waves forward and to the sides—delivering 180-degree coverage—but very little up and down, reducing unwanted room reverberation.

The amplified sound spreads out more evenly across the stage and into the audience, and the volume level drops off much more slowly than with a conventional speaker. Lightweight, interlocking components are easy to transport and set up. The distinctive vertical loudspeaker enclosures don’t require separate speaker stands. ToneMatch presets optimize L1 system tone for specific microphones and instruments.

One-touch tone optimization
Customized ToneMatch presets offer another distinct advantage in achieving exceptional tone. Just select a ToneMatch preset for a specific microphone or instrument, and the channel’s tone is instantly optimized for use with the L1 system. There are more than 100 ToneMatch presets for a variety of popular microphones and instruments, often developed with the help of the manufacturers themselves.

Models in detail

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