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Imagine bringing the magic of cinema to your home - the big screen, the realistic sound, the comfort of home. You, your friends and family could be sitting back and relaxing in the comfort of your own luxury cinema-style seats. The lights dim as the screen lowers automatically into position. 

As you become immersed in a world of full HD picture and  crystal clear digital surround sound the images projected onto a your very own silver screen transport you to another world. All you need now is some popcorn!

We can make all this possible.

This is what ‘Dedicated Home Cinema’ is all about - It really is a cinema in your own home...

Why do home cinema fans chose Doneo?

Those looking for a professional home cinema experience in Malta chose Doneo, because Doneo offers professional expertise and  total project management. Creating a dedicated theatre for your home is a big undertaking… and we are here to make sure that the process is made easy for you.

THX Certified Home Theater TechnicianCedia Professional CertificationOur staff members are fully trained professionals in the art and science that is Home Cinema …In fact we are both CEDIA and THX Certified! Our showroom staff complement includes an Electrical Engineer, a CEDIA certified professional electronic systems designer and even a THX Certified Home Theater Technician!

You don’t need the hassle of organizing suppliers, designers and custom installers, all you need to do is tell us what your dream is - we can make it happen

.What Does Doneo Offer for Home Cinema?

Initial Consultation
We offer initial consultation of equipment required, ensuring you have all the hardware it takes to create that true cinematic experience… and whilst covering a wide range of prices to suit different budgets, we only supply the very best brands and market leaders.

Custom Design
You can choose any theme imaginable. If you want your theatre to be created with an Ancient Egyptian motif… or to recall one of the forgotten Picture Palaces from the golden age of cinema in the 20’s and 30’s - we can make it happen. Here at Doneo Co. Ltd, we pride ourselves in working with top architects and designers to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality.

Custom Installation
Doneo Co. Ltd will co-ordinate and manage the process of creating the aesthetics of your dedicated theatre and carry out the custom installation of equipment. We will ensure that speaker placements and sight lines are just right in order to optimise your cinematic experience… at home.

Home Automation and Beyond
With an intelligent remote control, or automation system, you can enjoy your Dedicated Home Cinema with even greater comfort and ease.

Curtains, lights and electric screens, as well as the other audio-visual equipment, can be controlled from one easy-to-use touch screen remote control system.

We don’t just improve home’s entertainment value… we add to your home’s value!

Custom Home Cinema in Malta

Above is a still taken from detailed 3D model of custom home ceinema design. The 3D model is created by an expert Engineer, taking into account the full scope of the visuals, acoustics and room available.

CEDIA Award-Nominated Doneo Home Cinema Gallery:

Home Cinema Malta - Doneo Ltd. - Doneo Malta Home Cinema Malta - Doneo Ltd. - Doneo Malta Home Cinema Malta - Doneo Ltd. - Doneo Malta Home Cinema Malta - Doneo Ltd. - Doneo Malta
Home Cinema Malta - Doneo Ltd. - Doneo Malta Home Cinema Malta - Doneo Ltd. - Doneo Malta Home Cinema Malta - Doneo Ltd. - Doneo Malta Home Cinema Malta - Doneo Ltd. - Doneo Malta

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