Home Automation

You don’t SEE the technology… but you definitely ENJOY the benefits.

When you walk into a ‘smart home’, you step into the future… a future designed to make life easier… with greater convenience and more security.

Luxurious Living...

Control your entire home from a single easy-to-use wireless touch panel from anywhere in… or outside… your house. From the comfort of your armchair, you can:

  • Dim the lights
  • Close the curtains or angle the blinds
  • Control the air-conditioning
  • Change the music
  • Adjust the volume
  • Access your PC and use programmes like Word and Excel
  • Browse the Internet
  • Send or receive e-mails
  • View your family photo albums on the portable monitor

Using Remote For SecuritySecurity

Home Automation can give you greater peace of mind by integrating with the household security system. You can view any camera on the security system from anywhere in the house.

  • Keep an eye on the children in the pool
  • See who’s at the door
  • Check on the baby sleeping in the cot


Be at Home… Even When You’re Away…

It is even possible to control functions around your home from overseas by using your mobile phone… and all you have to do is follow simple voice prompts as though you were topping up a pay-as-you-go account… or accessing your voice mail. This means you can make sure you return from a trip abroad to hot water, a heated home… or an air-conditioned one in the hot summer months… or you can ensure your property is secure when left vacant.

An intelligent home can also learn what you do around the house and re-enact those functions whilst you are away… making it look like there is someone at home all the time.

Make your home a safer place to be. An automated system can automatically turn on exterior and interior security lights each night… and gives you greater peace of mind by providing you with the ability to turn all of your lights on instantly by pressing just one button.

An automated system can also be linked to a home's security system in other ways. For instance, in the event of an alarm or emergency, interior lights can turn on, illuminating a safe exit, while exterior lights can flash, drawing immediate attention.

Feel Safe

Relax in your home

Feel safe with the support of your Crestron system, linked throughout your property. From the automation of entrance gates to audio and video intercom solutions providing you with the ultimate in security and communications.When listening to your favourite music or watching a DVD, you will know the instant someone enters the driveway or rings the doorbell. The audio is gently muted, a camera picture appears on your touchpanel or television, and you can speak with the visitor and grant access to your home at the push of a button.And if you are away from home, Crestron allows remote access through your PC or PDA device enabling you to check on the security of your home while you are away on business or holiday.

Live In Comfort

Feel at home

Experience total peace of mind in a home where you can monitor and control your lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems to improve the comfort and quality of your environment. Where you can control multiple zones, from any location and easily pre-set temperature set points. A system which allows you to optimise energy efficiency by automatically adjusting the temperature according to your lifestyle and control it remotely, for your added convenience. Arriving home early? Simply use your laptop or iPhone to adjust the temperature to ensure that a warm welcome awaits you. You can even monitor the wine cooler or the jacuzzi temperature! Schedule curtains and blinds to slowly rise to gently wake you in the morning, then close again at sundown for privacy and to reduce light pollution. Use daylight harvesting to illuminate a room efficiently, using electrical light only when necessary. Intelligent Crestron control manages all environmental and home systems to achieve maximum energy savings without compromising comfort or convenience.

Save Energy

Set the right ambience

Setting the perfect scene throughout your home and at the same time saving energy, that’s what Crestron delivers. We give you the power to use energy when you want to. Simple one-touch dimming of individual lights and groups of lights puts you in absolute control. Set the precise lighting scene for watching movies or reading in bed, or creating just the right ambience for an intimate dinner or hosting a party, all while saving energy and money. When turning your lights “ON” you can pre-set the maximum level to 90%, still bright enough but saving you money. And of course, kids always leave the room without turning off the lights. Intelligent automation features, such as built-in motion detection, takes care of this for you and automatically turns lights on only when a room is occupied, and can schedule lights to turn off when the family leaves the house in the morning.

Live In Comfort

Seeing is beleiving

Picture yourself watching not just the content you have, but the content you want, in glorious high-definition. We can give you access to your entire movie library of Blu-ray discs and DVDs, through one of the most full-featured, high-definition media servers around. Enjoy the benefits of an online catalogue, updated daily, providing immediate access to all the new releases and where exclusive Crestron WorldSearch technology enables you to find additional content from virtually any source, worldwide. Surf the web, check emails or watch a live streaming video of breaking news or your favourite sports team in true HD. Crestron revolutionises the way you experience high-definition content, removing all boundaries between TV, movies, music and Internet and making it the only solution for the digital age.

Enjoy your music

In every room

Now, you can enjoy your music, your way. With your family’s entire music collection, whether on radio station, CD player, DVD player, MP3 player, Windows Media, Apple iTunes or internet, brought together in a single system and accessible by anyone, anywhere in the house. Where music can be enjoyed both collectively and individually, allowing users to select their own music from any room and listen at the same time, wherever they are. Crestron is a complete, integrated audio distribution system in a simple to use, easy to install and affordable package.


Not only can you control many of your home’s facilities from a touch panel, but you can also get them to work together to complement your living environment.

For example… with one touch of a button that tells your system you want to watch a movie, the lights will dim… curtains will close… and your motorised screen will slide down into position.

Lights can be preset according to what you’re doing… and at what time of the day. Entertaining guests? No problem. By pressing a party mode button, the ambience is set automatically… music, lights, the air conditioning – and the system can adjust itself to the appropriate setting according to the time of day.

Our qualified custom installation service is tailor-made on a project-by-project basis, incorporating the home automation system into the architectural and interior design of the house.

At Doneo, we only use the best brands to make all this possible. The possibilities of what we can offer through Home Automation and custom installation is vast and forever expanding. Please feel free to contact us for further information, or if you have any particular questions you wish to ask.