Room Testing - Doneo Malta

Rooms or enclosures in which the listener is subjected to music require faithful reproduction of sound. In this case, the changes in room equalisation caused by all internal reflecting surfaces have to be addressed to produce as flat a response as possible. In order to tackle this issue, room testing is recommended in almost all cases.

In situations where resident loudspeakers are already present, we connect our equipment to your system and perform a test with your loudspeakers. Otherwise we provide our own loudspeakers to perform testing.

Acoustic room testing generates a transfer function where we are able to see an accurate room response at all frequencies and measure the room impulse response to determine accurate reverberation time over the audio spectrum. From this data, the software is able to generate other data which further lets us know how to address the problems within the room or enclosure.

The advantage of room testing is that it enables us to know in a lot more detail exactly what treatment is required and where such treatment exactly should be placed.

Many audio enthusiasts invest in expensive audio and/or audio-visual systems with excellent performance only to have the sound ruined by the room in which they are placed or installed. For a very reasonable extra one-time investment, your Listening Rooms, Conference Rooms, Media Rooms, Home and Commercial Studios can deliver the audio response they deserve

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