Fonestar PPTR-43100-BA
100"(1:1) 150cm height, 200 cm width Matt white reinforced PVC Portable Projector Screen with Tripod.

Price: €149,00 (Lm63,97)

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Fonestar PPTR-43100-BA White Portable Screen - Doneo Malta

Projector screen with tripod.Easy assembly with tripod locking system, very stable and adjustable height.Lightweight and robust.Perfect for
classrooms, conference rooms, etc.

PVC reinforced with fiber
1.1 Gain
Matt white
Black reverse side
Flame resistant material
0.4 mm thick

2.5 cm black borders
Extra lower black border

Screen: 100' (2 x 1.5 m)
Rolled up: 216 m x 7 cm Ø
Tripod (maximum height): 2.5 m

8 kg

Price: €149,00 (Lm63,97)

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