Bose SoundTouch Outdoor Package 3
This package includes the Bose SoundTouch SA5 Amplifier plus a set of Bose FreeSpace 51 Outdoor Speakers

Price: €1.149,00 (Lm493,27)


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Bose SoundTouch Outdoor Package 3 - Doneo Malta


Bose SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier

With the SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier, you can add your speakers and experience a world of wireless music. Easily. The 100W per channel amplifier connects to your home Wi-Fi network and is part of an entire family of Bose products for every room of your home that lets you explore, organise and easily play your favourite music. A free app lets you explore music services, Internet radio and your music library.

Plus, it transforms your phone into a powerful remote so you can control your music, no matter where you are. The SA-5 amplifier also has Bluetooth connectivity and three aux inputs so you can connect non-streaming sources, such as a CD player.

Bose FreeSpace 51 Outdoor Speakers

Place them by the pool, on the patio or in the garden. FreeSpace 51 speakers from Bose are our best-performing and most versatile outdoor speakers. Connect them to your existing audio equipment and enjoy exciting stereo sound over a wide listening area. You can place them on or in the ground, so they're a great alternative to mounting speakers to your home. And they're designed to stay outside all year long.

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Bose SoundTouch SA5 Amplifier

  • 100W per channel amplifier connects wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi network
  • Add more SoundTouch systems to stream music throughout your home, or different music in different room
  • SoundTouch app transforms your phone or tablet into a powerful remote that keeps you in control of your music
  • Press one of six presets in the app and your favourite music is playing
  • Three aux inputs to connect non-streaming sources, such as a CD player

Bose FreeSpace 51 Speakers

  • Radial design Delivers better coverage around the garden by dispersing sound in a wide, 360-degree pattern.
  • Specially designed enclosure Optimises the speakers’ overall acoustic performance for even, full-range coverage over a large listening area.
  • 11.4cm full-range driver offer full-range drivers provide a more consistent sound field than conventional speakers. You enjoy high-fidelity sound from a small enclosure.
  • Polymer fibre composite driver cone ensures high-quality sound reproduction that is resistant to the type of deterioration often caused by extreme conditions.
  • Centrally located port enhances low-frequency performance to deliver the depth and richness of music outdoors.
  • Domed port grille works with centrally located port to reflect high-frequency tones into the listening area. Enjoy clear, consistent and natural-sounding acoustic performance outdoors.
  • Sturdy weather-resistant construction allows the speakers to deliver consistent, reliable performance that withstands the rigours of year-round outdoor placement and up to 160kg of pressure. Five-year guarantee.
  • Green speaker cabinet Blends in with garden greenery.


Bose SoundTouch SA5 Amplifier

Exploring music with SoundTouch
With SoundTouch, you can discover and enjoy music more effortlessly than ever before.

Wirelessly stream millions of songs through Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio™ and Deezer, as well as Internet radio stations and your own music library.

A free, powerful app
The SoundTouch app lets you explore music services like Spotify and Deezer. It also gives you access to thousands of Internet radio stations and your stored music library, so you can always find the perfect soundtrack.

The app also transforms your phone into a powerful remote so you can control your music from anywhere in your home.

Option to hardwire
The SA-5 amplifier has three aux inputs so you can connect non-streaming sources, such as a CD player.

It can also run two pairs of speakers in parallel, so you can wire four speakers to the amp.

Bluetooth built in
SoundTouch systems now feature Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from any compatible device—whenever you want.

This allows you to listen to even more sources, like YouTube.

Grow your system
Start with one SoundTouch system and add more whenever you want.

They all work together to play the same music in every room, or different music in different rooms.


Bose FreeSpace 51 Speakers
Meticulous design and rewarding performance make FreeSpace 51 speakers an ideal choice for your outdoor listening pleasure. They blend in with garden greenery, so they're hardly noticeable. And their tested weather resistance means you can leave them outdoors all year.

These versatile speakers can be installed on hard surfaces or in the ground. The speaker base is designed for solid and secure placement. Grooves on the underside of the base allow you to neatly tuck in wires for a simple and professional-looking installation on your deck or patio.


Bose SoundTouch SA5 Amplifier

SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier:3” H x 7.25” W x 12” D (3.3 lbs)

AC power
USB connector for setup
Ethernet connector
Speaker outputs
3 aux input connectors (2 RCA pairs, 1 3.5 mm mini-stereo)

In the box
SoundTouch SA-5 amplifier
Mounting bracket
Mounting hardware
AC (mains) power cord
USB cable (Serves as a backup method for setup)


Bose FreeSpace 51 Speakers

Dimensions (H x W x D) for Each speaker
14" (36.8 cm) diameter, 15" (38.1 cm) height 
• Weight: 5.4kg

What's In the Box:
2 speakers
• 4 wire nuts



Price: €1.149,00 (Lm493,27)

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