Custom Gypsum Soundproof Partitions
Floating frame soundproof partitions with spring-mounted outer surfaces. Noise is controlled through micro-vibration of the outer surface which converts sound energy into kinetic energy and heat. Noise barrier can be adjusted according to the level of sound which is required to be controlled.

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Custom Gypsum Soundproof Partitions - Doneo Malta

It does not take more than common sense to understand that there is no such thing as  a standard soundproof partition. Particular areas are subject to differnet levels of noise depending on their use and location, and the higher the level of offending noise, the higher the noise barrier any given partition will need to provide in order to block out the noise. A partition designed to block sound entering a boardroom from an adjacent noisy corridor for example, will need a much higher sound barrier rating than that required had the partition been designed to block sound entering the same boardroom from a quieter area such as an adjacent office. 

Partitions with a high sound barrier rating require shock-mounting the internal framework to the floor and ceiling, and further spring-mounting of the surface boards to the frame. This concept allows the partition to vibrate and absorb airborne sound incident on its surface by converting it into kinetic energy and heat. The shock-mounted frame also helps to reduce the amount of impact noise transmitted from other surfaces to the partition and vice-versa. 

By performing on-site measurement of offending noise levels, we can use endless combinations of materials and spacings to design and install soundproof partitions with specifications which should satisfy almost all requirements.

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